Canadian Accredited Independent Schools

Senior Girls & Senior Boys Rugby Tournaments

April 21–23, 2017

Ashbury College welcomes you to the National Capital Region for the 2017 CAIS rugby tournaments. We are celebrating both Ashbury’s 125th year as a school and Canada’s 150th birthday and we are looking forward to having you join us.

Tournament Schedule & Information

B 1 (15s) SAC v APP

SAC 8 APP 5                 SAC Try scored by: Austgarden          APP Try scored by: McIntyre

B 2 (15s) TCS v UCC

TCS 0 UCC 10                   UCC Tries score by: Hickman, McDermott

B 3 (15s) STG v SH

STG 40 SH 0                    STG Tries scored by: Sauder (2), Radcliffe, Hayward, Gregory-Evans, Burian

B 4 (15s) ASH v CS

ASH 19   CS  7      ASH tries scored by: Butterfield, Niznick, Stojanovic      CS try scored by: Lehoczky

G 3 (15s) CDS v ASH

CDS 5 ASH 27   ASH tries scored by: Wang, Mauromatis, Vickers, McGowan, Hadziomerovic  CDS try scored by: Sward

G 4 (15s) RC v TCS

RC 10  TCS 7        RC tries scored by: Newman (2)    TCS try scored by: Mutomba

B 5 (15s) TCS v SH

TCS 17 SH 21          SH tries scored by: Longpre, Kita, Walter    TCS tries scored by: Burnside, Rickards, Peters

B 6 (15s) SAC v CS

SAC 33 CS 0       SAC tries scored by: Karabin (2), Wallace (2), Maclean

B7 (15s) STG v UCC

STG 34 UCC 0        STG tries scored by: Wells (2), Sirlin, Hayward, Scher, Kwon

B8 (15s) ASH v APP

ASH 15 APP 14      ASH Tries: Hoerdt, Williams    APP Tries: Alaali, Horan

G 1 (15s) ASH v RC

ASH 29 RC 5

G 2 (15s) BCS v TCS

BCS 22 TCS 7

Boys’ 7s G1 RC v HSC 2 HT v WI 3 ATH v BCS

RC 0 HSC 24        HT 10 WI 5          ATH 15  BCS 10

Girls’ 7s G1 ELM v HSC 2 ATH v GCS Break: 11:40–12:00

ELM 19 HSC 0       ATH 27 GCS 0

Boys’ 7s 4 CDS v GCS 5 RC v HT 6 HSC v WI

CDS 5 GCS 19            RC12  HT10        HSC15  WI17

Girls’ 7s 3 HSC v SMU 4 ELM v GCS Break 1:40–2:00

HSC 0 SMU 20           ELM 5 GCS 20

Boys’ 7s 7 ATH v CDS 8 BCS v GCS 9 RC v WI

ATH 24 CDS 12         BCS 29  GCS 7       RC 14 WI 19

Girls’ & Boys’ 7s 5 ATH v SMU 10 HSC v HT 11 ATH v GCS

ATH22 SMU10          HSC24 HT12          GCS26 ATH 0

Boys’ 7s 12 BCS v CDS Break 4:20–4:30


Girls’ 15s G5 BCS v CDS

BCS 15   CDS 7

G 6 (15s) CDS v RC

CDS 0 RC 20            RC tries by: Ireyomi (2), Newman, Wiens

G 7 (15s) BCS v ASH

BCS 5  ASH 0

B 9 (15s) UCC v SH

UCC 38  SH 5

B 10 (15s) CS v APP

CS 5   APP 20

G 8 (15s) TCS v CDS

TCS 19   CDS 5

B 11 (15s) STG v TCS

STG 48   TCS  7

B 12 (15s) ASH v SAC

SAC 36   ASH 0

G 10 TCS v ASH

TCS 0 ASH 20

Boys’ Quarters 7s 13 HSC v CDS 14 WI v ATH 15 HT v GCS

HSC 7 CDS 12      WI 15 ATH 0   HT 0 GCS 26

Boys’ Quarter finals & Girls’ 7s 16 BCS v RC G6 SMU v GCS G7 ATH v ELM

BCS 29  RC 0       SMU 0   GCS 10        ATH 34 ELM 10

Boys’ Friendlies & Girls’ 7s 17 HSC v ATH 18 HT v RC G8 HSC v GCS

HSC 20 ATH 17         HT 12  RC 14          HSC 10  GCS 7

Boys’ Semis & Girls’ 7s 19 CDS v WI 20 GCS v BCS G9 ELM v SMU

CDS 17  WIC 12        GCS 10  BCS 26     ELM 0 SMU 34

Girls’ 7s G 10 ATH v HSC

ATH34  HSC 0

Girls’ 15s G9 BCS v RC

BCS 15   RC 12

Girls’ 7s Semi Play in G11 ELM v HSC

ELM 17 HSC 15

Boys’ 15s TCS v CS

TCS 17 CS 10

Boys’ 15s SH V APP

SH 7  APP 31

Boys’ 15s UCC v ASH

Girls’ Semis G 12 SMU v GCS G 13 ATH v ELM

SMU 22   GCS 0

Boys’ Friendlies 7s ATH v HT WI v GCS HSC v RC

ATH 17 HT 17              WI 0 GCS 10       HSC 10  RC 17

Girls’ 15s RC v TCS

Girls 7’s HSC v CDS (11-11:20) CDS & ELM (11:20-11:40)

HSC 5  CDS 20              CDS 27  ELM 5

Girls’ 7s Final SMU v ATH 18 Boys’ 7s Final CDS v BCS

SMU 5 ATH 28                    CDS 17  BCS 7

Boys’ 15s Final STG v SAC

STG 15  SAC 12

Girls’ 15s Final BCS v ASH

BCS 12 ASH 27

Day 1 – Please note the difference in timing of kick-offs between the two fields.
Field 1 will be all 15s. Field 2 will predominantly be the 7s field, with some girls 15s.

Day 2 – Please note the difference in timing of kick-offs between the two fields.
Field 1 will be all 15s. Field 2 will predominantly be the 7s field, with some girls 15s.

Championship games will be played at Ashbury.

Boys’ 15s — Pool A  1. St. George’s School (STG) 2. Trinity College School (TCS) 3. Upper Canada College (UCC) 4. Sacred Heart (SH)

Pool B 1. Ashbury (ASH) 2. St Andrew’s College (SAC) 3. Appleby College (APP) 4. Crescent School (CS)

Playoff structure: After pool, play teams will play the team that finished with the corresponding place in the opposite pool. Each team gets 4 games.

Girls’ 15s — Bishop’s College School Country Day School (CDS)  Ashbury (ASH) Trinity College School (TCS)  Ridley College (RC)

Five team round robin. Each team will play 4 pool games, 30 minutes in length  First place finisher will play second place finisher in the final (40 minute game). To be played at Ashbury at 2 pm on Sunday.

Teams 3-5 will play a mini tournament on Sunday morning 2 x 20 minute games. Coaches can decide whether to play 15s or 7s (or any other variation). All teams will be guaranteed 160 minutes of playing time.

Boys’ 7s — Pools were chosen by a draw

Pool A: Ridley College (RC)  Hillfield Strathallan College (HSC) Holy Trinity School (HT) West Island College (WI)

Pool B: Athol Murray College of Notre Dame (ATH) Bishop’s College School (BCS) Country Day School (CDS) Greenwood College (GCS)

Playoff structure — Quarter-finals top finisher each pool plays bottom finisher of opposite pool and second place finisher plays third place finisher opposite pool. Moving to semi-finals and finals. Teams knocked out will play a friendly. Each team gets six games

Girls 7s —Athol Murray College of Notre Dame (ATH) Elmwood School (ELM) Hillfield Strathallan College (HSC) St. Michael’s University School (SMU) Greenwood College (GCS)

Five team round robin. Semi-finals based on pool finishing order- top 3 teams advance (4th & 5th place finishers will play in for the final semi-final spot).

We will attempt to find a friendly for the loser of the play-in, and depending on weather and field conditions, they will play at Ashbury on Sunday. There will also be a friendly between the losers of the semi-finals, to be played at Ashbury. Teams will get 5–7 games.



Tournament Locations

Games played at Carleton are on a field turf surface. Games played at Ashbury are on natural grass turf.

All teams will be using the Carleton University arena for change rooms and showers. However, there will not be an area where gear or personal belongings will be able to be locked up.

Busses can be parked in the Carleton University parking lot.

Tournament Pools and Standing